The Shaping Spirit


In an age when science has presumed to give definite answers, The Shaping Spirit asks vital questions about ourselves and our destiny. In discussing the nature of our biological inheritance and spiritual belonging, Dr. Jide Adefope touches on a vast range of disciplines, from anthropology to religion, from cosmology to quantum physics, and from biochemistry to global politics. Due to the book’s wide spectrum it addresses the thinking person foremost. There is no vast array of footnotes or references to secondary sources, rather the author appeals to the reader’s intuition and conscience. He calls upon us to open up to the knowledge within and not knowledge amassed through the intellect. Somewhere behind all our subtle reasoning and technological sophistication, Dr. Adefope insists there rests, if not the hand of a traditional God, at least a “ shaping spirit ”.

The Shaping Spirit begins with a discussion of Darwinism and may be viewed as contradictory to biologists and geneticists who express purposelessness to the universe. It is guaranteed to make any thinking individual think again. The book reinforces ancient truths at a time when they are perhaps being eroded. To the hard- lined scientist it will inevitably appear to be, in its seeming contempt for mere facts, romantic or escapist, but perhaps it is time for someone to speak up for the intuition, for enduring human values that cannot be weighed and measured by the engines of science. Dr. Adefope’s attempt to bridge the widening gap between science and religion is commendable in this highly stimulating synthesis by a passionate advocate of the primacy of intuitive knowledge.

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